So long as we keep our bodies numb | Closed

Father’s day. The traditional third Sunday of every June, and Castiel’s first on Earth. He’s never considered it before, but with his feet firmly on solid ground like this, he’s confronted with it. Alone and with nothing to consider but the day, Castiel finds himself thinking about his own father. And, inexplicably, from the shade of trees in Yellowstone as Castiel watches wolves stalking an elk, he makes an attempt at prayer. At communication.

"I know Joshua said you were on Earth," he says, eyes glancing skyward. "And I know you don’t think this is your job anymore. But you made us. You made me, you made man, you made this earth and cultivated it…" Castiel inhales, pausing to watch one of the wolves fall back. "Are you really going to abandon us? To be torn apart by the Leviathans, by your eldest sons?"

There’s no answer. There never has been. There never is. “Nothing?” Castiel murmurs. “You bring me back, time and time again. You won’t let me die, but you won’t even help.” Castiel never thought he was alone, until.. well, the day he realised he was. Completely alone in the universe. He doesn’t belong on Heaven or on Earth, he loves a human and he’s lain with a demon, he masqueraded as God…

And with reason. “You’re not going to abandon us,” Castiel says, his shoulders heavy. “You already have.” With a last look at the wolves, Castiel turns his back on them and mutters, “Happy father’s day.”